Centers for Spiritual Living
Diversity Inclusion Commission
573 Park Point Drive
Golden, Colorado, 80401
Phone: 720-496-1370


We invite you to take advantage of an offer for Diversity Inclusion Training in your community. The Centers for Spiritual Living Diversity Inclusion Commission has trained a group of excellent individuals to assist communities with this work by providing an afternoon training workshop in a loving safe environment.

For Centers for Spiritual Living to touch the greatest number of lives, it will need to attract people from a variety of ethnic and racial groups, genders, sexual orientations, physical abilities, and socio-economic class, as well as other areas of diversity. Centers that embrace Diversity Inclusion experience growth, additional vitality and increased visibility.

Please send your questions or request for one of our professionally trained Diversity Inclusion Trainers to work with your Center or Church in identifying and increasing the experience of being an Diversity Inclusion community that is equally welcoming to all persons to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you are a small community we may ask you to partner with other centers near you.